A little bit of history

This heart of Liège where the Saint-Lambert Galleries are set up has been a hub dedicated to business for decades. Thus, the Vaxelaire family established its first Liège store there in the 19th century, quickly followed by the legendary Grand Bazaar, then Bon Marché and Innovation.

These businesses quickly made this place the most important commercial hub of the hypermarket centre.

Those old enough among us undoubtedly still remember the beauty and the magic of decorations which illuminated, during the year-end festivals in particular, the remarkable facades (from an architectural point of view) of these shops.

The history of the place is also closely related to the history of the "Fiery City" and its legendary Saint-Lambert square.

The concept of ?modernism? which prevailed during the early Seventies wanted to have the car enter the city. The square was prepared to receive a motorway connection, a bus station, an underground and many carparks. The projects followed one another, an open hole remained open and archaeological excavations, moreover, were undertaken in the heart of the square.

The centre was deserted, the shops closed one after another, starting with the legendary Grand Bazaar.

It would take decades for this commercial centre to recover. A smooth recovery was achieved first of all by the construction of the Saint-Michel Island (currently Saint Michel Space) then, in early 2000, by the Saint-Lambert Galleries project.

After a few hitches and delays, particularly related to the classification of the facade and the necessary compulsory purchases, the commercial complex connecting two districts by means of its glass passage finally opened its doors in 2004.

The Saint-Lambert Galleries was born. They extend over a surface area of 43,484 sg metres of which 41,114 m2 is commercial surface area.

The desire is to remake the place as the true commercial lung of the hypermarket centre at a time when there is an overall movement in Europe which wants to revive business in the shopping centres on the outskirts.

Today, the Saint-Lambert Galleries represent more than 40 businesses in the heart of Liège.

Even more than a shopping centre? a true concourse

Over time, the Saint-Lambert Galleries became a true public space, a friendly concourse, surrounded by shops. It's a place for meeting, rambling, chatting, attending frequent promotions, and regular meetings. In short, not only a place to do some shopping.

It has to be said that the philosophy of the place goes well beyond the simple shopping destination.

The Galleries really fit into the heart of Liège and mirror the rhythm of great events which energise the place.

Remember, in May 2013, this largest gathering of super-heroes in the world or even
the work carried out in post-its on the glazed part of the Galleries during the passage of the Tour de France. A record of 19,000 post-its which were made official by Guiness World Records.
Your shopping in the heart of Liège

During their 10th anniversary, the Saint-Lambert Galleries chose a slogan which aptly characterises them:

With 40 shops, catering establishments and large international brand names, the Saint-Lambert Galleries recorded a footfall of approximately 6.5 million visitors a year.

A real success which the Galleries celebrated with you and lasting the entire month of September 2014!